If you're a business owner, are you showing off recent projects and accolades to potential clients? Are you establishing yourself as an industry leader within your vertical? 

Blogs are no longer an online diary to send your friends or a way to follow your favorite OOTDs. Blogs are an essential tool in the digital marketing game. A blog gives you the opportunity to become the go-to resource in your industry. It lets potential clients discover you with a quick google search. It becomes the platform you share on your Instagram or Facebook (hello, swipe up opportunity!).

Don't worry if you're not comfortable with self-promotion, that's what I'm here for. I'll brag about you, your experience, and your know-how. I'll make it approachable, relatable, and easy-to-digest. And, I'll make sure it sounds like you. We want your blog to sound like wise words from an expert friend.

Oh, and that little acronym you may have heard tossed around the internet, you know, SEO? I always consider keywords and formatting for SEO optimization. Because, at the end of the day, what's the point in writing content unless you're getting eyes on it?


I work with creatives, retail brands, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs to develop their content marketing through blog posts and web content. My clients include designers, photographers, retailers, digital marketers, and lifestyle influencers among other awesome businesses.

Articles written for the Mole Street blog. Mole Street is a growth marketing agency specializing in Hubspot marketing strategies.

Articles written for the Threadless blog. Threadless is an online marketplace and resource center for creatives and artists.

Articles written for Keeepr, an app that helps users stay connected and prioritize relationships.

Game Night Nostalgia
Check in on the Extroverts
Check in on the Extroverts
Upgrade Your Virtual Happy Hours
Time for a Road Trip
Time for a Road Trip
How to Be a Good Friend to New Parents
How to Be a Good Friend to New Parents

Articles written for the Technology Rivers blog. Technology Rivers is a software development startup.

Articles written for Boody, Bamboo Clothing. This retainer client covers topics ranging from wellness to sustainability. Also, their clothing is oh, so soft. Seriously, you need their bamboo t-shirts in your life.

Articles written for Kelly Fridline Design blog. Kelly Fridline is an interior designer, high-end rendering artist, and virtual design assistant. Her content is rich in technical information for other designers, with a sprinkling of design trends.

Articles written for Savvy Social Impressions blog, a digital marketing, business coaching, and social media management company. 

Articles written for the Newseum, a First Amendment museum in Washington, DC.

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